EVIL: Canadian Police Steal Gas From Families w/ Children Leaving Them To Freeze (VIDEO)

Canadian police are seen on video Sunday evening forcibly stealing gasoline from Canadian citizens with children who are currently protesting in the nation’s capital.

As seen in the video, police in Ottawa have begun seizing fuel from any Canadian citizens protesting the vaccine mandates and other COVID-related restrictions.

Both heartbreaking and infuriating, the video portrays police carrying out orders that seem to shake even them to the core.

At one point, the man who was having his gasoline taken by police pleaded with them saying, “You have a family don’t you? What would your kids do if they froze in a…truck fighting for their freedoms?”

The officer seems to know that what he is doing is wrong. He visibly seems to feel shame for what he has been tasked to do on behalf of this radical authoritarian regime.

The man being accosted by police goes on to plead with the seemingly sympathetic cop saying, “we have to be in this together.”

But to no avail.

As I write this article, I am forced to withhold my outright anger at the unimaginable cruelty we are witnessing in Canada.

These cops know what they are doing is both wrong and reprehensible.

The sooner they join us in standing up against these despots, the sooner we will return to normal.

Here is the full video:

Canadian Police steal gasoline from families and leave them to freeze in the cold.


  1. Eddie Lee says:

    The fuel the cops are stealing , what will they do with it ?

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