Does anyone else remember when the Obama administration helped make it legal for the U.S. government to use propaganda on its own citizens?

The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 did just that. With a swift stroke of the pen, our country was instantly transported back in time to a 1950’s Soviet-esque era.

The law was originally crafted in 1948 to prevent the U.S. government from using any of the many foreign-targeted propaganda outlets to broadcast direct messages to the American people (i.e.- propagandizing them). This law remained on the books until about the 1980’s when it was brushed off by some Reps. in Congress. They wanted to add more protection for the people of the U.S. from the massive disinformation and propaganda efforts being undertaken by the U.S. against the Soviets during the Cold War.

The law remained for a time until Obama’s administration along with many members of Congress decided it was time to “modernize” the decades-old act. Modernize being the operative word here. They essentially gutted the act. And there you have it. Our country had become a country where ‘comrade Barack’ would now be deciding what information would be allowed and which information was to be ridiculed and suppressed.

All of this didn’t happen overnight.

Now, we can look back almost a decade in the future from the point in time when the act was gutted. It seems valuable to see where it all went wrong.

Today, our government is becoming more intrusive in our lives than ever before. If we could have told our past self from 10 years ago where our country is now, they’d definitely think you were crazy. But, the truth is that since this landmark in time, the legalization of domestic propaganda that is, we have seen a sharp rise in government interference and intervention in major elections going straight to the Presidential race.

Multiple News Stations Across The Country Repeating The Exact Same ‘Editorial’ Moment To Socially Engineer The Population.

Everything seemed to start spiraling out of control around 2015. Donald Trump busts on to the scene like a veritable ‘Kool-Aid man’ entering the arena by smashing through the media’s brick wall of cognitive dissonance and social conditioning. The ‘elites’ scrambled to develop new strategies to combat the mass red-pilling that Trump was able to pull off on a regular basis.

The stage was set and Donald was the man for the moment. But, then he quickly became the subject of multiple intelligence operations. The media, who so willingly and openly helped thrust Donald Trump in to the stratosphere of political celebrity, were now being infiltrated by former intelligence officers and seedy congressmen and women with highly questionable pasts.

They spun fantastic tales of Russian prostitutes and spied on nearly every critical member of the Trump campaign. They held hearings based on rumors and speculation that was assuredly planted in the news by the same agencies and institutions using it as the pretext for more spying and an eventual effort to impeach.

The lies began to fly.

CNN Fact Checking Donald Trump.

Now, we are forced to ask ourselves ‘how much of the news will we ever be able to trust?’

The answer is yet to be seen.

The government is openly engaged in using propaganda to re-shape our nation. If we are to trust the information coming from the news industry then we must address this major issue that has now become systemic and pervasive.

How will we look back on this moment in ten years?


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